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SCUPAD | Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development

2010.02 SCUPAD Newsletter

2010.02 SCUPAD Newsletter content:

  • News on the 2010 congress
  • Membership Fee: New billing process
  • Important Information: Spam setting


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Important information!

Illustration image: The way of an EmailSCUPAD has been sending an e-mail to inform all Members and Newsletter subscribers whenever a new Newsletter is prepared (lastly March 2, 2010). In case you have not been receiving SCUPAD e-mails:

Make sure that your current e-mail adress is subscribed. You can do this on the bottom right side of the SCUPAD website. If, for any reason, this doesn't work, please send an e-mail to our webmaster, asking to add you to the subscription list.

Spam protection is important. But unfortunately, sometimes mail that is not spam, such as our Newsletters, are blocked also. To avoid this, please check your spam settings (with your provider, at your local e-mail client, or both) and make sure that the address and any address or sender containing is not blocked on your email account: Add this address to a “whitelist”. If you’re not able to do all that technical stuff on your own, ask a friend to help you.

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