Welcome to SCUPAD

SCUPAD is an global independent non-profit & international network organization of planners and development specialists:

  • Maintain professional contacts among its members;
  • Exchange information and new concepts/policies in the field of urban and regional planning and development;
  • Organize an annual event on a critical urban planning and development topic; and
  • Publish a summary of the proceedings in the SCUPAD Newsletter and other relevant publications.

SCUPAD events

With its annual events, SCUPAD presents topics for discussion of a contemporary nature and of critical relevance to urban and regional planning and development. Unlike most other international conventions, SCUPAD developed its characteristic style as a more personal exchange among experts, so as to engender informality and international and trans-disciplinary discourse, which results in a deeper understanding of the issues, and a lively social and professional network that carries on beyond the events.

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